Boneyard Beach

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Capers Island is an undeveloped barrier island north of Charleston, South Carolina between Dewees Island and Camp Romain National Wildlife Refuge. One of the features of the island is the “boneyard” beach, which is created as a result of erosion. The remains of hundreds of trees, stumps, and branches litter the beach in various stages of decomposition.


At this time, this photo is the only black and white image in my Favorite 50. I decided to render this image in black and white because the sky was severely clear on the day we visited. Without any clouds, the blue sky and brownish beach are rather uninteresting from a color perspective. So, I decided to see what a simple black and white version would look like. In black and white, the lines of the tree branches become the subject, and the tones of the sky, water, and beach provide a nice, calm backdrop.


Tree in the Sand

Tree in the SandTree in the Sand


More photos of the boneyard beach can be seen here.


Technical Details

Camera: Canon 40D

Lens: Canon EF-S 17-55 mm at 17 mm

Exposure: 1/180 sec at f/8, ISO 100

Date Taken: October 25, 2011


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