Mount Norquay Scenic Drive

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Mount Norquay is a mountain and ski resort just outside Banff. Mount Norquay Road zigzags up the mountain side and, after a few zigs and zags, there is a pullout that provides a nice view of the town of Banff and of Mount Rundle, the large mountain to the southeast of Banff.


Banff and Mount RundleBanff and Mount RundleMount Norquay Scenic Drive


As you can see, it was a cloudy day when we were there. We went down to where the red chairs were (which Parks Canada has placed in a number of the National Parks) and took some photos of each other in the chairs. Within a couple of minutes, a tour bus pulled up and unleashed dozens of people who proceeded to photobomb us. I just can't seem to go anywhere without a tour bus following me (see here) and all the people getting in my pictures. After this, we decided to leave.


On our way back down the mountain, we came around a corner and saw a few cars pulled off the side of the road, looking up. We followed their eyes up the cliffside and saw a number of bighorn sheep. It was too late for me to pull over too, so we went down the road looking for a place to turn around. When we got back and pulled over, we saw four sheep on the mountainside right next to the face of a rocky cliff (by the time I got this picture, the fourth one had walked away).


Three SheepThree SheepMount Norquay Scenic Drive


Two of the sheep were content standing up on the ledge, butting heads every now and then. But the third one decided he wanted to explore. He started scrambling down the rocky cliff face. It looked as though there was nowhere to go, but the sheep managed to find a place to stand.


What Are You Doing Down There?What Are You Doing Down There?Mount Norquay Scenic Drive


A Place of My OwnA Place of My OwnMount Norquay Scenic Drive


There wasn't much for him to do down there, so he scrambled his way back up to join the others.


What Are You Looking At? I Like It Down HereWhat Are You Looking At? I Like It Down HereMount Norquay Scenic Drive


After the demonstration of the sure-footed nimbleness of sheep, the three walked away.


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