The Icefields Parkway

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The Icefields Parkway is the main highway between Lake Louise and Jasper, Alberta, Canada and it has to be one of the most scenic drives in North America. The parkway is entirely surrounded by Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. So, if you are driving on the parkway, you are driving in one of the two parks. There are a large number beautiful lakes, waterfalls, trails, creeks, rivers, canyons along this road and that are easily accessible within a short walk of a turnout. I'll be writing about many of these stops and showing some of the photos I took along the way.


We were too busy going from scenic view to scenic view to spend a lot of time taking pictures of what it looks like as you are driving on the road, but here is a sampling.


The Icefields Parkway Near Bow LakeThe Icefields Parkway Near Bow LakeNear Bow Lake


The Icefields ParkwayThe Icefields ParkwayNorth Saskatchewan River Valley


The Icefields ParkwayThe Icefields ParkwayThe Endless Chain Near Beauty Creek


Along the Icefields ParkwayAlong the Icefields ParkwayAthabasca RIver


Along the Icefields ParkwayAlong the Icefields Parkway


The Icefields ParkwayThe Icefields ParkwayApproaching Bow Lake


Stay tuned; there are many blog posts to come. You don't want to miss any of the beauty.


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