Vermillion Lakes

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Vermillion Lakes is a series of three small lakes just west of Banff. Hundreds of years ago, bison and bighorn sheep were hunted there. Now, you are more likely to see grizzly bears (we didn't see one in person, thankfully, but we saw pictures of one munching on a fish while we were there) and deer (we saw around six or seven one morning). The lakes are popular for canoeing and kayaking. Of course, we were there for the photography.


We visited the lakes a couple of times in one day. The first time we were there, it was mid-afternoon and rather cloudy. 


Third LakeThird LakeVermillion Lakes


Brewing Storm?Brewing Storm?Vermillion Lakes


After dinner, since the lakes were close to the Trans-Canada Highway, we decided to go back to the lakes before heading back to Lake Louise for the night. By that time, the winds had died down and the First Lake became still where there were some grasses in the water. This provided the ability to get a reflection of Mount Rundle in the lake.


Mount Rundle Reflected in First Vermillion LakeMount Rundle Reflected in First Vermillion LakeVermillion Lakes


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