Yates Mill Pond

August 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I recently spent part of the early evening at the nearest county park, Yates Mill Pond, which is the subject of an earlier post. Again, I went to see what I could see that might make for an interesting sunset picture. I wasn't counting on much, and I knew I wasn't going to get a picture with the mill in it, since the mill is on the east side of the pond and sits at the lowest elevation around (that's why there's a pond there in the first place--all the water drains down into it).

Upon arriving, I confirmed that there was no way I'd get a good sunset picture, since the horizon is hidden behind trees. My only hope was to be able to capture some colorful clouds slightly before or after sunset. The first area of interest I found was a patch of lilypads. The water was so still I was able to get a good refection of some colorful clouds in the water.


Lilypads in the ParkLilypads in the Park Pond Park Pads and CloudsPond Park Pads and Clouds Lilypads in the CloudsLilypads in the Clouds


With the time of sunset approaching, I stopped on the boardwalk across the pond to see if the setting sun would light up any clouds. I spent most of my time focusing on one side of the boardwalk, but those photos didn't provide anything too spectacular. As I turned around, I found myself looking at a much more interesting sky.


Colorful Clouds at Yates Mill PondColorful Clouds at Yates Mill Pond


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