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Letchworth State Park

October 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Denise and I recently returned from a trip to Vermont and Upstate New York, timing to see the autumn colors. When we scheduled the trip, we thought we would be hitting the peak color time, but as it turned out, we were a week early. While the colors may not have been at their peak, they were still nice, especially near the end of the trip.


The last place we visited was Letchworth State Park in western New York. It has been voted the best state park in the country (by who, I'm not sure). It was indeed a very nice state park. The park features the Genesee River, a deep gorge formed by the river, and three large waterfalls. All of the falls are easily accessible from parking lots in the park, so no long hike are necessary. The largest of the falls is the Middle Falls, which is lit up at night.


Middle FallsMiddle FallsLetchworth State Park Middle Falls at NightMiddle Falls at NightLetchworth State Park


Another cool thing in the park, but not actually part of the park, is the railroad bridge above the Upper Falls. One can't help but wonder how the bridge holds up a train, especially when you find out the bridge was built in about a month and a half in 1875. Our innkeeper told us they inspect the bridge and tighten bolts every two months. The bridge is supposed to be replaced (construction was supposed to start over a year ago).


Upper FallsUpper FallsLetchworth State Park Upper Falls with Train on BridgeUpper Falls with Train on BridgeLetchworth State Park


The Lower Falls, which we got to after descending over 100 steps, is much smaller than the other falls. We were a lot closer to the falls, which was nice, except we were also in the mist formed by the falls. The mist made for a muddy path. I pushed on downstream of the falls to walk across a small bridge.


Lower FallsLower FallsLetchworth State Park Lower FallsLower FallsLetchworth State Park


One final photo, from Inspiration Point, of Middle and Upper Falls.


View of Upper and Middle Falls from Inspiration PointView of Upper and Middle Falls from Inspiration PointLetchworth State Park


Thanks for stopping by. I'll be posting another blog and more photos from the trip soon.


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