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Bow Lake

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Bow Lake is the source of the Bow River. There are three places you can pull over to see the lake. The first couple of times we viewed the lake from the Crowfoot Glacier viewpoint it was partially frozen (the first time, it was very much frozen).


Frozen Bow LakeFrozen Bow Lake


On our way up to Jasper (after being in Lake Louise for four days), we stopped at the Num-Ti-Jah lodge turnoff, which is at the north end of the lake. It is possible to see Bow Glacier Falls from this spot (but not shown in the picture below), and get a close-up view of Bow Peak (on the right in this picture). The morning we were there, there was still some ice along the shore, which made for a interesting foreground subject.


Bow Lake Shore IceBow Lake Shore IceBow Lake from Num-Ti-Jah Lodge


As we walked to another spot along the shore, we spotted an interesting bird, a yellow-headed blackbird.

Yellow-headed Blackbird


We then found another spot that provided a nice mirror surface in the lake for a reflection that included Crowfoot Mountain and Crowfoot Glacier.


Lake as a MirrorLake as a MirrorBow Lake


On a later day, on our way back from Jasper, we stopped again at a picnic area at the south end of the lake. The temperature had finally warmed up and people were picnicking there, and there was a nice little bridge that provided a place to make a portrait.


DeniseDeniseBow Lake Picnic Area


We then drove further south along the parkway to the next parking area and hiked down to the outlet of Bow Lake. The trail was hard to find and, after getting through the woods but not yet to the shore of the lake, hard to discern. Here, you can get a good look at the Crowfoot Glacier.


Southern End of Bow LakeSouthern End of Bow LakeBow Lake


Rather than continue walking down the pathway along the shore, we headed back to the car so we wouldn't forget how to get back to the trail through the woods.


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