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Big Bend, Part 3

April 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This final post covering our Big Bend trip presents some of the other things we saw driving around the park. Most of these photos were made on our last day in the park, when there were some nice clouds in the sky.


This is a picture taken from the Lost Mine Trail. The peak on the left is Casa Grande and the v-shaped notch to the right of it is the Window.


Casa Grande and the WindowCasa Grande and the WindowFrom the Lost Mine Trail


I thought the Burro Mesa was an interesting groups of mountainous forms. I liked the layers and bands of color in the rock. The ribbon of asphalt in the lower part of the image is the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive.


Burro Mesa from Ross Maxwell Scenic DriveBurro Mesa from Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

Burro MesaBurro Mesa

On our drive to Texas, we saw loads of wildflowers (more on the wildflowers of Texas in a later post), just alongside the interstate. They were amazing. When we got to Big Bend, we didn't see too many, but the few we did see were along the edge of the road. On our way out of the park on our last day there, I was determined to find a place where I could get a good composition with the wildflowers and the mountains. I managed to find a couple.


Chisos Mountains and BluebonnetsChisos Mountains and Bluebonnets Chisos Mountains from Ross Maxwell Scenic DriveChisos Mountains from Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

Here is a path not taken, the beginning of the Ward Spring Trail. Since the park was in a sever drought, I kind of doubt the spring would be found at the end of the trail.
A Path Not TakenA Path Not TakenWard Spring Trail
We had stopped near the Visitor Center to get some gas before we were to drive home the next day. As I was pumping the gas, I was looking around and spotted the sun shining on a ridge of the Sierra del Carmen in the Mexican distance. When we were ready to go, I had to get a better view and see if I could get a good picture of what I had seen.
Sierra del Carmen from Panther JunctionSierra del Carmen from Panther Junction
We left our hotel before sunrise on our way back to Kerrville. More clouds in the sky that morning, including some swirling cloud that caught some early pre-sunrise morning light. That strange-looking mountain out there is Santiago Peak.
Mysterious SunriseMysterious Sunrise
Coming up: Wildflowers in Texas Hill Country


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