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The Life of a Seagull

June 16, 2016  •  1 Comment

On a recent trip to the Savanah area, Denise and I went to Tybee Island, which is on the coast east of Savanah. In addition to seeing the lighthouse, we took a stroll on the beach. It was not really a "beachy" day as the clouds were thick and there was a pretty good breeze. As Denise walked along the beach with her mom and sister, my attention got captured by a seagull walking in the water on the edge of the beach. 


I took several images of the seagull before he eventually flew off. Once I got back home and looked at the pictures, I thought three of them captured what the day, or at least a portion of it, might be like for a seagull. I arranged the pictures in a grouping of three, cropping them each into a square format.


A Slice of Life: SeagullA Slice of Life: Seagull


I thought the grouping told an interesting story that I didn't see just by looking at the pictures individually. To me, the most interesting of the three is the middle image, where the bird is stopping its stroll to look out at the passing ship. 


Here are the pictures individually, uncropped.


Deep in ThoughtDeep in Thought Distracted by a Passing ShipDistracted by a Passing Ship Moving OnMoving On


Which do you like better, the triptych or the photos individually? If you'd like, leave your answer in the comment section below.



Like the triptych. Guess people strolling along the beach have more in common with seagulls than we thought.
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