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Joshua Tree National Park

January 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This past October, Denise and I ventured to California for 18 days. During that time, our primary objective was to see 6 national parks, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Park System. We flew from Raleigh to Las Vegas and, spending as little time in the city as possible, we started driving southwest toward the first national park on our agenda: Joshua Tree.


Joshua Tree National Park is located east of Los Angeles, California at the convergence of the Mojave and Colorado deserts. The western half is Mojave Desert habitat. Amid boulder stacks are pinyon pines, junipers, and the wild-armed Joshua tree, which isn't really a tree, but a species of yucca. The eastern half of the park, below 3,000 feet above sea level, lies in the Colorado Desert. Amongst the habitat in this area of the park is the jumping cholla cactus, also called teddy bear cholla. But you don't want to get too close to these fellas because they will cling to you, and they are painfully difficult to get out of you skin.


Below are several pictures from our time in Joshua Tree National Park. You can see more in the gallery here.


DJRb_34958Balanced Rock and Lone Juniper DJRb_34958Jumbled Rocks DJRb_34958Joshua Trees at Sunset DJRb_34958Cholla Cactus DJRb_34958Cap Rock


Stay tuned for future blog posts featuring, among other places, the following national parks: Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Pinnacles, Yosemite, and Death Valley.



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