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Pinnacles National Park

January 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

About an hour southeast of Salinas, California, lies Pinnacles National Park. The Pinnacles area was named a national monument in 1908 and gained national park status in 2013. Its 26,000 acres look nothing like the area around it, where foothills make up much of the landscape. In addition to the monoliths seen in the photos below, the park also has sheer-walled canyons, a reservoir, and boulder-covered "caves" (more like a narrow passage through boulders that have been heaped into a pile) where bats have made their home.


We spent our time making a couple of hikes in the Bear Gulch area of the park. We took the Condor Gulch Trail up to the observation point so we could get a good look at the High Peaks. Our second hike was through the Bear Gulch Cave down to the Bear Gulch Reservoir. We didn't get to see any bats because the area of the cave where the bats breed was closed off so as not to disturb them.


High PeaksHigh PeaksHigh Peaks Blue Oaks in Condor GulchBlue Oaks in Condor Gulch Bear Gulch ReservoirBear Gulch ReservoirBear Gulch Reservoir - Is that a face in the rock?


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