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Lake Johnson Autumn Stroll

November 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

While we haven't seen "chamber of Commerce" weather lately, I still decided to go out to one of my favorite locales in Raleigh--Lake Johnson. The skies started out partly cloudy, but within a half hour of getting to the lake, it clouded up. The colors of the trees weren't too spectacular, like they were back in 2008 when I captured this image, and the lake level is about a foot below where it was back then too. Also, the tree on the right that's hanging over the lake may actually have fallen into the lake.


Reflections in Lake JohnsonReflections in Lake Johnson


Still, there were some isolated tress and sections that contained some color.



DJRb_43901DJRb_43901 DJRb_43958DJRb_43958



My favorite location of the day was a section of the hiking trail around the lake. The photo I made on the day I went out was not acceptable (photographer error--needed to be using my tripod), so I went back a couple of days later, even though it was drizzling at the time. I was able to get a few compositions made, but then to my surprise, a tractor came motoring along the trail, blowing the pinestraw and leaves off the path. I understand that was probably the thing to do for the safety of hikers/walkers/runners, but I preferred the curving trail through the woods with the straw and leaves on the ground. It just didn't look "natural" with a clean path!


The photo below is my favorite of the two days. Who knows, it may even be calendar-worthy. Which reminds me, I need to finalize my selection of photos for the calendar soon.





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