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Thanksgiving Blessing

December 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Oops. I just remembered I hadn't posting this image from a few weeks ago. This is a picture of "the old house" at my mother-in-law's farm. We were there for Thanksgiving. I was out walking around after Thanksgiving lunch. It was getting close to sunset, and the clouds in the skies were getting interesting, so I wandered over toward the old house. I scouted both east-facing and west-facing shots, how long it would take me to get from one position to the other, and a good path to take (one that involved no tripping hazards). This was my favorite of the evening.




Here are some others from the day, including a pano of the above picture.


DJRb_45138-HDR-Pano-2DJRb_45138-HDR-Pano-2 DJRb_45073-HDRDJRb_45073-HDR DJRb_45037DJRb_45037 DJRb_45034DJRb_45034 DJRb_44685DJRb_44685


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