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Making Our Way Back to Denver

September 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We left the Grand Junction area and headed east on I-70 toward Glenwood Springs. The next morning we drove from Carbondale to Maroon Bells. Maroon Bells is very popular during the fall when aspens on the mountainsides turn golden. The area was still nice when cloaked in summer green, and still popular, as we got one of the last parking spaces in the large parking lot. We strolled along Maroon Lake and decided to continue hiking up to Crater Lake (much smaller than the Crater Lake in Oregon). The trail was very rocky, and uphill all the way. We found a nice little lake with Maroon Peak looming large.


Maroon BellsMaroon Bells Trail back down from Crater LakeTrail back down from Crater Lake


After hiking back down to the car, we drove south of Aspen (detouring around the 4th of July parade) on Colorado Highway 82 (the highest paved road over the Continental Divide) and over Independence Pass. In places, this road was the narrowest road we’d driven since the single lane roads in Scotland. Fortunately, we didn’t have to see if two cars would actually be able to fit side-by-side on the road, with mountain on one side and nothing but down on the other.


Roaring Fork River In the Grottos Day Use AreaRoaring Fork River In the Grottos Day Use Area West side of Independence PassWest side of Independence Pass East side of Independence PassEast side of Independence Pass Mayflower CreekMayflower Creek


After safely passing through the speedtrap of Twin Lakes, we drove north on US 24 to Leadville and then north on Highway 91 to Copper Mountain and I-70. A couple hours later we found ourselves back in Denver and the end of our two-week tour through Colorado. 


I hope you enjoyed our tour through Colorado. I think I mentioned in one of the early blog posts about taking more panorama photos on this trip than on any other trip. I created a separate gallery of this photos, and you can click here to see them.




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