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Scenic Drive through Colorado

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The day after leaving Mesa Verde NP was spent driving to the next national park on our itinerary, the Black Canyon. But, before I get to that, I wanted to share a couple of pictures from before we went to Mesa Verde. Not too far from Farmington, NM (where we stayed when we visited the Bisti Badlands) is Shiprock. Shiprock Peak is called Tsé Bit’a’í in Navajo, which means "rock with wings" or simply "winged rock." It got it’s current name in the 1870s because of its resemblance to 19th-century clipper ships. Its 1,700-foot spire can be seen up to 100 miles away. We went to stay for sunset. While there weren't any clouds in the sky for an "epic" sunset, it was still enjoyable, eating our salads from Wendy's while we waited for the sun to go down.


Shiprock PinnacleShiprock Pinnacle

Shiprock PinnacleShiprock Pinnacle


OK, back to the scenic drive...The first portion of the scenic drive after Mesa Verde National Park was on Colorado Highway 145, the Western Skyway, from Delores to just west of Telluride. This highway runs parallel to the Delores River up to Lizard Head Pass, which is named for a prominent nearby peak that is said to look like the head of a lizard (I guess if you squint enough).


The second leg of the drive was across the Dallas Divide and its vast, high-alpine vistas of the San Juan Mountains. The most spectacular scene in this portion of our drive was on the Last Dollar Road, off of Colorado Highway 60. Here we found a wooden fence in front of a huge field of yellow-orange wildflowers that seemed to stretch all the way to the Sneffels Range.


Daises and the Dolores RiverDaises and the Dolores River

Trout LakeTrout Lake

Driving up Highway 145Driving up Highway 145

Toward TellurideToward Telluride

Wildflowers on Last Dollar RoadWildflowers on Last Dollar Road

More wildflowers on Last Dollar RoadMore wildflowers on Last Dollar Road


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