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Kehena Black Sand Beach Surprise

May 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The Big Island has a few black sand beaches on the southeast side of the island, one of which is Kehena Black Sand Beach.


We found a parking area for the beach, but to our surprise the beach was located a good way down from street level. We followed a path through some trees and came to the place where the path started down. The path looked steep, rocky, and precarious. We started down but decided maybe it was too dicey, so we went back up and back to the car. We drove along the road looking for an easier way down, but we didn’t find one, so we drove back to the parking lot to look at the trail again. It started sprinkling, but I really wanted to go down to the beach, so we followed the trail through the trees and down the rocky path along the cliff-face to the beach.


When we got to the bottom of the trail, we found the internet rumors to be true–-the beach was a nude beach. Even on this cloudy and rainy day, there were people sitting and lying on the beach and wading in the ocean without any clothes on. Surprisingly (or maybe not too surprisingly), it was only men who felt inclined to leave their clothes on the sand, and most of them appeared, from our well-maintained distance, to be aging, balding, and overweight. Unfortunately, there is some amount of looking you have to do just to see where you’re headed, but I very intentionally chose my subjects with my back to the sand-loungers. Despite that, we both saw things that just couldn’t be unseen. The waves were coming pretty far onto the beach as the tide seemed to be coming in. We stayed close to where the trail met the beach as I didn’t want to get too close to the men and I certainly wasn’t interested in taking their picture. Denise, watching the waves advance across the entrance to the trail back up, didn’t want to stay there too long either.


The beach consisted of fine, black sand. Rocks near where the trail ended at the beach intercepted the waves and provided a good subject for photography. Without any sunshine, the ocean looked dark and brooding. I hurried to capture the scene, which was getting more difficult as each minute passed because both the waves and nude waders were getting closer to where we stood. We climbed back up the rocky trail to the car. This was an adventure we were glad we don’t have grandkids to tell about.



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