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Last Day on the Big Island

July 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Our last full day on the Big Island was another wet one. The Volcanoes National Park was finally open again, but the weather didn't look good. It rained so much, vendors wouldn't even rent us bicycles to ride out to where we could get close up to some red hot lava. We drove to the park and we were told that while it was raining at the Visitor's Center, it might not be raining at Jagger Museum. We drive to the museum to only find it was raining even harder. We got a good view of the caldera from the museum, but it was a wash-out.




We drove back over to the west side of the island to catch our flight over to Maui the next morning. Dan wanted to scout for a place to photograph a sunset, hopefully a place where waves came in on the lavarock shore, but nothing as dramatic as what we experienced at Laupahoehoe Beach. On one of the previous days when we came to the west side to get out of the rain, we visited a small park that looked promising near the airport, Wawaloli Beach Park, and that’s where we went.

After walking around the shoreline, we found just the right place where waves were coming in, covering the rocks, and then receding, leaving streams of water running down the sides of the rocks. As we waited for sunset, a layer of thin clouds drifted in, catching the light from the dropping sun. A great ending for our visit to the Big Island.




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